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The linkspages are no longer maintained, too much changes to deal with.
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3D Paper Model Net + Chinese ZIP Collection of free Internet models and many links
570 Design Office + Japanese LZH Go to 570room for a Milkcarton, Navigator
A8a + Spanish    
Acme Novelty Toy Gallery -      
Acoustics by J.W. Mooney +     Go to Funstuff
Alberto Modelos de Papel +   ZIP Cone and Half Sphere Generator
Amiga Maquette +   ZIP Downloads are under Oblíbené odkazy
Amil's models + Czech RAR  
Bastelbogen Online + German    
Baud et Bui +      
Teun Berserik + Dutch   Go to Port Folio/Spelletjes for 2 low/res models
*Bildrum/ Modellbyggar akademien +     Interesting stories, great pictures
Bouwplaten - Dutch   Many links to mostly Dutch sites  
Box Dog Puppy + Japanese    
Jan Brett's Pages +      
Camille Technical Research Institute + Japanese LZH Go to 000.htm, click links with scissors
Canis 2 +   ZIP  
Canon Creative Park +     European mirror site
Belgian mirror site partly in Dutch
Dutch mirror site in Dutch
Cardboard Club +   ZIP  
Cardboard Models -      
Cardmodel puzzles for you to make +   SDR Don´t forget to download the Viewer!
Milling Machine, Fairground Ride
Card Models Directory
+     Links  
Cashpickovy Stránky - Czech   Mostly race cars
Cereal Box Archive -     Pictures of Ceral boxes, some with models  
Chatrun papercraft + Japanese   Go to PopUp
Chihuahua de Papel + Spanish    
*Circus Zaretti + German   Go to Download. Circus tent, cars, animals, artists
Comet Studios +   ZIP  
Cosmo Park + Russian    
Country Studio -     Go to Paper Engineering
Roger Cousineau's Cyber Space -      
Craft*Craft + Japanese   Go to Card and Box Pop-up cards and boxes
Creatief Net - Dutch   Many links  
Creativity Portal -     Many links  
Dadcando +     Go to Making
Peter Crow's Picturetrail -      
Darklight productions +     Go to Gallery for pictures, go to Download for a Hanging Cage
David's Paper Models +      
Demo Co. +      
department of real estate development Okayama-city JAPAN + Japanese   Go to Paper Craft
Design QP + Japanese   Go to Papercraft & Package Boxes and pinwheels
Digital Craft + Japanese   Origami
The Disney Experience +     Go to Ludwig von Drake Laboratories
DMOZ Open directory project -     Links to paper model sites  
Domatine +      
Doujinan + Japanese   Go to Orijinal and Paper
DPileggi's Picks +      
Dragao de Papel +   ZIP  
Dragos Cardmodels +   RAR  
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Eastern's Toybox + Japanese    
ECIP +      
Georg Eggers'paper puzzle parade +     Zoetrope, Pneumatic rocket, Microscope
Elecom + Japanese   Click the GoGo button
Takahashi Ekoran laboratory +     Solar vehicles
Epson Aquapark + Japanese    
Epson China
Epson Hong Kong
Epson Singapore
+ Chinese
Epson Land + Korean   Go to the second item of the left person
Er Papermodel Ground + Chinese    
A escultura em Papel de Marcelo Bicalho + Portuguese   Christmas ornaments.
Estrella's + Japanese   Go to Pepakura
Phillip Fickling Dimensional Design +     Paper model designer from New Zealand . -      
Fractal Paperbone - Japanese    
Free Iceberg models & pictures +     Pictures of all kinds of models. +     Hakostyle
Fu-Ken's Room + Japanese   Go to the Gallery
Gallery of Paper Craft -     Models built by Steve Marshall  
Rick Geary +     Low-res models Go to Postcards
GKV Apeldoorn-Zuid + Dutch   Biblical models Go to Kleurplaten
Goichi 2001 Collection - Japanese   Pictures of all kinds of paper model books  
Gombeh soft + Japanese PDO Lots of pictures
David Green -      
*Grundschule Pretzschendorf + German   Go to Werken, go to Bastelbögen .
GTP + German    
GT Spirits + Japanese    
Hamanaga - Japanese   Links with pictures
Hand Craft Master - Japanese   SF
Handmade Toys +   ZIP/AI/EMF/
Higumi + Japanese   Go to Contents and the Hako-P links Gangsters and band
Hirotec + Japanese   Go to Disco Girl for all kinds of models
*Homespun Magixx +      
Honda Geek +      
Horsey around the World +     Pop-up cards
Mike Hungerfords homepage +      
Ichiyama's paper cards + Japanese   Click the link right from TOP for animals, the link on the bottom right for cars
Ijoy Personal design +      
*Instructables +     Lots of projects, search for paper or pop-up Helmet, CD-cover, Popups
IPMS USA -     Go to Reviews/Kit Reviews
*David Jackson's paper models +   ZIP  
Japan Coast Guard Kushiro + Japanese   Use sitemap to go to 03_papercraft
Jeongyop's Papermodel - Korean   Pictures of all kinds of models
John & Marzlie's home -     Picture album by John Freeman
Johnny's Papermodels -      
JT Digest + Russian   Click on the numbers (like 1'2005) and look under "MY3EN HA CTOJIE" for the models
JT Museum + Russian   Models from 1972 until 1993
Jun's paper craft +   EXE Geometric forms, origami cards, database
Kakibogen + German    
Kanagawa police + Japanese    
Lutz Kasper Grafik Design + German   Go to Papiermodell Design
Kaznao + Japanese   Go to Paper.html
*KeiCraft + Japanese    
Don Kenske's home of paper models and photography -     Picturealbum
Kinderpleinen - Dutch   Choose B, go to Bouwplaten
Kinki Trunk Roads Invetigation Office + Japanese   Go to Kids/paper/index.html
Kit-Carton + French    
Klipparksmodeller + Swedish   by Tord "Todde" Hökenström
Konradus + Polish    
Kozin + Japanese   Browse site to find the models
Kurafu-Tou + Japanese   Origamic Architecture
Launchpad 57 -     Lots of links  
Bostjan Lemut's paper models +      
Let's Papercraft + Japanese    
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M-K Archive + Russian   Models from 1962 until 1993
M's Garage + Japanese   Computers
Maly Modelarz archive + Russian   Models from 1957 until 1993
Mame Craft + Japanese    
maquetas de papel + Spanish ZIP Vacuum cleaner
*Maquettes en carton +     Great French site by Pierre Gauriat.
Masahiko +     Wyvern and Origami  
Materiales Peligrosos - Spanish   Go to Papel, Links to free models
Matt's Cycle Shop -     Picturepage
Mayhem in Paper +      
McGuire Zone +      
Mikromodele + Polish RAR Mostly pictures of models
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport + Japanese   Go to Pepakura.html
Mk's Homepage + Japanese   Go to Paperlink for many links
Modelbouw in Karton - Dutch    
Modelling my passion - Italian    
Modelos de Papel + Spanish    
Models by Georgi Krystev -      
Mood Indy + Japanese   Go to Mokei.html (top left)
Models from the Mist +   RAR Tyrants of history
Bob Morane forum + French   Go to Le Grenier, find Grenier4, click the airplane
MOS95B's Junk Drawer +     Go to the surfduke pages
MPM + Japanese MPG/WMV Mechanical paper models
Naydina of Yevgeni + Russian   Go to Modelpap.htm
Nerfect +     Go to Lovely Projects
Nezard +      
Nihonkai Gas + Japanese   Go to Prego, go to kids/index.html
Norbtach's pages +      
Okisea + Japanese   Go to Index07.html
Olli's Kartonmodelle + German    
Olli's PaperModelPicturepage -      
Oominato +     Go to Papercraft
Paperart-c + Japanese    
Paper Camera + Japanese ZIP Camera's
Papercraft work exhibition + Japanese    
Paper Craft Design + Japanese   By Toshimasa Mitsutake + Dutch   Many links  
Paper Craft Search Engine - Japanese   Large collection of links  
Paper Empire +   mostly ZIP all kinds orginal models as well as links to models from other sites
Paper Grade by Zen + Japanese   Knight
Paper Knight (Sweet Home Ivory) + Japanese   Go to Pepreclaft
Paper Machines also here +     Box, freezer, machines
Paper Make iT +      
Paper Model Directory -       Links
Paper Model Guy -      
Paper model world +     Many (Japanese) links!
Paper Models Bulgaria + Bulgarian ZIP  
Paper Models By Paul Smigel +     Pictures of various models birthday cake
Paper Models Gallery +   ZIP  
Paper Models, just print... - Russian    Links +      
Paper Modelz +      
Paper Resources -     Links to all kind of subjects  
*Paper Toys Com +     All kind of things
Papier Werke -      
Papiermodelle online + German ZIP mostly links to other sites
Patrick's Homebrew -      
Patrimoine Education + French ZIP Classic French Paper Models  
*People Play UK +     Go to Activities
Pepakura +   PDO/ZIP Download the free viewer first!
Pepakura Oshinagaki + Japanese    
Sane Person's papercraft +   RAR  
Pi-ne + Japanese    
Ponytail Pages -      
Powerhouse Museum +     Paper dolls
Professor Plastik's paper Empire +      
*Fabrizio Prudenziati's modellismo +      
Re-Re +      
*Recorte & Cole +      
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S.F.A1 + Japanese    
Sagawa Express + Japanese   Go to Enjoy, go to Craft
Sasatoku Printing Co. + Japanese   Go to Present for all kind of paper projects
Saso Luigi +      
Sekichu + Japanese    
Senaun Paper Craft + Japanese    
Sheila's Papermodels +     Medieval weapons
J. Smerda - Czech    
Paul Smith +     Go to Playroom
Sonja's Knutselclub - Dutch   Pictures and links of/to many free internet models  
Spacca Tuto + Portuguese ZIP  
Spacestation 42 +     Lots of links
Strange place -     Forums
Studio 30 + Japanese   Go to CG, click on the cat or dog
Studio Waka + Japanese   Teletubbies
Syunss Toy Box + Japanese    
Taiheiyo Cement + Japanese   Papercraft link is at the bottom
Tamiya + Japanese    
Texto casi Diario +     By Mariano Gistain Go to Recortables
TinTiroRing + Japanese LZH Dragon, girl
Tohoku Engineering Office + Japanese   Click the scissors
Ryo Tokusato + Japanese   Go to Pepag1.htm
Tomo + Japanese   Go to kamikosaku.html
Touch 3D +     telephone
Toylava + Japanese    
Toyohashi SOZO College Support Center + Japanese    
Hiroshi Tozawa + Japanese   Go to Paper-index.html
Travel, Movie and Cardmodel + Japanese    
Tsukasa downtown development + Japanese    
TT Modely + Czech   Go to Vystrihovanky in TT scale
TYKK + Japanese   Go to Story (under Gallery)
Unga Fakta + Swedish   Go to Pyssel
Universität Karlsruhe +      
Unnan Future Museum + Japanese   Go to the Traditional Room
Vector + Japanese ZIP Look for paper
Vystrihovanky - Czech    
Vystrihovanky - Czech    
The Webdude +   ZIP/PDO  
Willis Bastelbogen Seite + German   Computers
Wogawa-Shokudo homepage +     Chopsticks, kind of container, lightsaber Go to Frame and Birthday Cards
*World of Paper Models +     The Old Strathcona model & toy museum has some nice free trains
Yamaha motor papercraft +     Motorcycles, The seasons and rare Japanese animals
Yamaha motor papercraft + Japanese   Gets updated a few weeks before the English version
Yatsushiro Municipal Museum + Japanese   Go to Kidspage for a Turtle Snake of Yatsushiro
Yawata Kids Station + Japanese   Go to Craft
YPS Fanpage + German   Go to Sonstiges, go to Bastelbögen
Zackmann Graphics + Japanese   Playstation Go to Graphics, go to 2
Zeilschool De Vuurtoren + Dutch   Go to Jeugdzeilles, go to Knutselpagina
Zicon Design - Korean    
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