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General vehicles
More vehicles can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
2 CV Site + Dutch   Go to 2CV Stuff for a low-res Citroen 2CV +     Go to Free Downloads, go to Paper models +     Links to models of cars with 3 wheels
74shiki Factory + Japanese   Lamborghini
Adrian's Tomcat 100" +     Range Rovers and an ambulance
AFZ Design + French ZIP Go to Téléchargements for cars, trucks and busses
Aichi Machine Industry Co. + Japanese   Go to Club, go to P-craft (left column, near bottom)
Aichi police + Japanese   Go to Present for a police cars and motorbike (mid column, halfway)
Alfa 156 + Japanese   Go to Art Gallery
Art 66 + Japanese   Easy to build cars
Aru Gallery + Japanese   Golf Cab. & Nissan Exa
*Aston Martin +   ZIP DBR-9 in 1:18 scale
Atom Factory + Japanese LZH Super deformed cars and buses
Automoveis de Papel - Spanish   Pictures of antique cars
Badura's VW Karmann Ghia site +     Go to models for a low-res model
Bora's Citroën DIY garage +     Go to Miscellaneous for a 2CV
La Bottega Yupa + Japanese   Go to Garage for the Eunos
Teun Berserik + Dutch   Go to Portfolio, go to Spelletjes for a low-res car
Bilsport Junior + Swedish   Go to Knep a Knap for various cars by Grzegorz Rutka
KerstJan Blaauw + Dutch   Pictures of Sno-cats. Downloads are here
BMW Thailand +     Go to Download for BMW's
Brusino +     2CV in many types and colors
Buzz Factory + Japanese   Look for the GIF file under Econo Move for a bike
Canadian, Texas +     Simple car
Chaz + Japanese   Go to Car, go to Naked for a Daihatsu
Citroen Plus One + Japanese   Go to Citroen BX, go to Etc. for a BX
City Connection + Japanese   Claris Car
Club Triumph Holland + Dutch   Go to Modellen, go to TR, go to TR3, go to Deze Link
Collision Detection +     Eliica
Crazy Ford Taunus +     Go to Restore & Repairs
Crazy Spanner + Japanese   Don't forget to download the Options
Crazy Taxi +     Go to Crazy Taxi, go to Lounge
Daihatsu + Japanese   Go to Fun (second link from the right under Top Page)
Darringer +     Cars by Grzegorz Rutka
Datriware + Czech   Go to Skoda na papíre
David's Stuff +     Hovercraft, Shado mobile, train
Delorean Paper Craft + Japanese   Go Pclaft.html for a Delorean with optional Back to the Future parts and Hummer
Dewey's Paper Craft + Japanese   Rovers
Brian J. Dooley +     Lada Niva
Eendeëi + Dutch   Go to Spiegelei, go into 3rd gear, go to Kids for a 2 CV Van
EP Cars +     Many simple carmodels
Fiat 500 Owners Division + Japanese   Go to Fiat Panda at the bottom of the page
Frieder's Entenseite + German   Go to basteln for 2CV's
Ganyo Ganyo + Japanese   Honda NSX
Gomucraft + Japanese PDO IST, Lancer and Fairlady Z
Goodsnow + Japanese   Mazda Carol
Good Vibrations +     1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Convertible
More vehicles can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks + Italian   Dukes of Hazards General Lee
Helica + French   Marcel Leyat's Helica from 1921
Hir Craft + Japanese   Superdeformed racecars, emergency vehicles and a F14
Hisa + Japanese   Go to paper for pictures and click the blinking link at the top of the page to some Citroëns
Holland Kadett-B Club + Dutch EXE Go to Oude Website and look for Kinderen/Kids
Honda Boo Boo Land + Japanese   Simple cars
Honda +     Honda Monkey
Honda +     Go to resources for the S2000 in many colors
Hoops + Japanese   Cart
ICM Paper Modelling + Japanese   Tanks
Impossible Model Factory + Japanese   Go to the Gallery
Isuzu Das original + Japanese   Cars
Jag Lovers +     Go to Brochures (under information), go to XJ for a Jaguar XJ6
Jeep - Czech   Pictures of a 1:2,4 scale Jeep Willy
JF10ZL +     Tanks in black and white, 2 small airplanes
Joto Police Station + Japanese   Go to Paper.htm for some police vehicles
Jouhokan + Japanese   Go to Present (top right)
Kayak Builders Network +     Go to Citroen for pictures of a XM, Van and 2CV
Gilbert Kesselring + German ZIP Go to Mazda MX-5, go to MX-5 Downloads, go to Bastelbogen
Koninklijk Huis + Dutch   Go to Kindersite, go to Knutselen en tekenen for the Golden Coach and a Crown at the site of the Dutch Royal Family
LADA Niva Catalog + Japanese   Lada Russian Van and Humvee
Lagondanet -     Go to Shop for pictures of an Aston Martin Lagonda
Lambretta of Belgium +     Go to Archive/Biblio
Leeza + Japanese   Go to Model +     Go to About, go to Friends cars for a Lotus Esprit
M's World + Japanese   Go to Jeep
Maarten's Kreidler Club + Dutch   Scroll down for a Kreidler
Magnus paper models page +     Tractors and cars
Marubun + Japanese   Car in different colors
Met's homepage + Japanese   Cars
MG T-ABC's Gallery +     Go to Fun for a MG T-C
Micromodels by Peter Poole +     Go to Rants, go to Micromodels
Minibox + Czech   Many cars, trucks, buses
Mini Web + Japanese   Go to Index5 for a Mini
Mitsubishi FTO +   ZIP Go to FTO Information, go to Toys and Models
Mitsubishi Motors + Japanese   Go to Special/Papercraft for cars by Mizorogi Akira
Miyagi Police + Japanese   Go to Kids, go to Present, go to Papercraft for a Police car
Modelauto pagina - Dutch   Links to many car modelling pages (all materials)
Modely z papiru + Czech   Cars, buses and trucks
Mono + Japanese   Go to Paper.htm for AE 86's
Holger Moskopp + German   Go to Download for a VW Golf cabriolet
Motorcity Pit + Japanese   Simple car (Lanza)
Movado +     cars
Denis Moynihan and here +     All the cars he ever owned
Mrynasu Net + Japanese   Go to Toybox for bicycles and vegetables
More vehicles can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
N-Club International +   ZIP Go to Downloads for N-scale cars
Nanchatte 3D +     Alfa 145Q, van, pickup and race car
Net'z Toyota Fukui + Japanese   Go to the first link under Entertainment for some cars
Nissan Micra +   ZIP Go to Presents
Nissan papercraft 1 + Japanese   cars
Nissan papercraft 2 + Japanese   cars
Nosweb Table Garage +     Isuzu and other cars
Ohara Corporation + Japanese   Snow movers
Old Car's Market + Japanese   Go to Paper craft for a VW van
Orange Toyota + Japanese   Go to Presents, Send an empty email to the first email address to get the link to the old Corollas
Osaka Police + Japanese   Go to 04shikumi (middle left), go to 03craft (bottom right) for a Policecar
Panda Cup Car Design Room + Japanese   Fiat Pandas, Ritmo, 126 and Citroën Van.
Papel Modelismo +     Gurgel X12 +   Flash Cars
Paper Craft Room + Japanese   Mostly old cars, go to the Paper link at the bottom for more
Paper Exotic Cars +   RAR Lamborghini
Paper Garden + Japanese   Cars and pop-up cards
Paper MG +     MGB Roadster
*Paper Model Directory -     Links to paper model cars by brand
Paper Models Heaven +   ZIP Many cars
Paper Tigers -     Pictures of military vehicles
Papirmakett + Hungarian   The top row buttons get you to the type of vehicle, in the left frame choose a craft type/operator name, Click Letöltés to download
Papírové Modely + Czech   Buses, cars and trucks
Poppentheater Peterselie - Dutch   Go to Nieuws for a picture of a Citroen Berlingo
PJM Papercraft + Japanese   Go to Rakigakiall (bottom right), click on a car, go to paper.html
Pokara workshop + Japanese LZH Go to Pcraft.html for some simple cars
Pre 67 VW +     Go to downloads for a vintage beetle
Projekt 250 + German   1:250 scale carmodels from the maker of streetpaper/racepaper
PROTOtyp -     Pictures of race cars
RAVU + Dutch   Go to Ambulancezorg, go to Kinderen for an ambulance
Renault Express Paper Craft + Japanese   Go to Menu.html for some easy cars
Renault Kangoo + German   click Dieses Formular to get it by mail (Maybe if you live in Germany)
Rintendo + Japanese   Go to KIT Bikes, go to Hanemoku for a scooter
More vehicles can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Sakai Heavy Industries + Japanese   Go to Playland. More models on Japanese version than on the English one
Simca Automobile Club Netherlands +     Go to Downloads for a Simca 1100
Sega + Japanese   German tank
Shift-Down Cafe + Japanese   Super 7 & BitChar-G
SJ 10 Maniacs + Japanese   Scroll down for Suzuki Jimny's
Richard Smith Drawing Business +     Go to Downloads for a Jeep
Smart Pulse Coupé + German    
Smarts R us +     Go to the Old site, go to Kids Corner (the merry go round)
Snorty & Co. +     Go to Fun
Stadtwerke Schaumburg-Lippe + German   Go to Service/Für Kinder, go to Basteln + German   Cars and trucks
Suzuki Hideaki Illustration Company + Japanese   Go to Galleries, click the Jeep
Tabbert Comtesse +     Go to Wissenwertes, go to Tabbert, go to Bastelbogen
Takaragaike Driving School + Japanese   Go to Papercar.html
Tank Craft + Japanese   Go to Paper.html for GT-40 and tanks
Temple of VTEC +     Honda Element
Toko + Japanese ZIP Go to Paper (menu left) for cars and trains
Tokyo Jimny Club + Japanese   Go to Omaketop.htm (bottom left), scroll to the bottom for low-res LJ10 & SJ30
Tonke Campers + Dutch   Retro design camper
Tony's Paper world Cars +     Go to the Gallery for Super Deformed Cars and cube animals
Toyota Corolla Aichi Company + Japanese   Esthima and Noah
Toyota RAV4 Club + German   Go to RAV4 Toys for a low-res RAV4
Toyota RAV4 foldup +     Same low-res RAV4, but red instead of green
Twike Tours + Dutch   Go to Download, go to Bouwplaat for a twike
Vancouver mini club +     paper Mini's
Velomobiel +     Go to Mango
Vince's favorite cars +     BMW Isetta
Vladsity Photo Design + Russian   Cars, buses and trams
Volvo Ecology + Japanese   Go to Papercraft
Volvo page by Zoffbred +     Go to The Volvo pages for the Volvo's
VW one CAB + French   Go to Site, go to Les Goodies for VW Golf cabriolets
Wendiyama World + German   Go to Meine Trabi-Seiten, go to Bastelbogen for a Trabant 601
Y's Paper Workshop + Japanese   Tanks
YNapps + Japanese PNG Simple cars
ZEM +     Go to Downloads/Documentation for a Zero Emission Machine
More vehicles can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Race vehicles
Link language filetype remarks
Abarth Racing + Dutch   Look for the line with the word Bouwplaat in it.
Adrian's Slotcar World +     Go to Scenery, go to Static Vehicles
Atikonian +     Indy Cars
Botpa + Korean   Click the link with the buildings for race cars, karts and other things
Bowler offroad +     Go to Wildcat, go to Race &Activities
Cemodelazil + Portuguese   Race car and Dukes of Hazards General Lee
Dakar 43 - French   Race cars and trucks
Dakar DeRooy + Dutch   Go to Bouwplaten for racetrucks
Dakar Racepaper + German   Winners of Dakar races
Van Deijne Team + Dutch   Go to Fun/Schaal for Dakar race cars
Dutch Rallycross homepage +     Rally cars by David Moynihan
Epson Nakajima Racing + Japanese   Go to Craft for race cars and accessoires
Formula 1 +     Racing cars
Forum Team - Czech   Pictures of race cars
Gansya Go! Go! papercraft + Japanese   The models are at Deta.html
KMWorks + Japanese ZIP Toro Rosso STR1 and many pictures
KTMTwins +     Go to the Gallery
Mysterious Marsan's hermitage - Japanese   For the paper model pictures go to the English Page and proceed from there
MetMania + Japanese ZIP Race helmets and cars
MetMania-Fan + Japanese ZIP Loews hairpin, cars by kids and lots of pictures
Modely F1 - Czech   Pictures and links to F1 race cars
NASCAR paper model +     Race cars
Nissan papercraft + Japanese   Le Mans 1997 journal, Nissan R390GT1
Oniya + Japanese ZIP/PDO Go to Index2.html for race cars and bikes
Out-flat paper craft + Japanese   Go to PaperCraft (above Model Colection) for some racing cars
Papelmania also here + Spanish    
Paper Cardmodels F1 + Czech EXE/DOC Race Cars
Papirove tatry z dakaru + Czech   Dakar trucks
Papirovi tatry z dakar ingrove + Czech   Dakar trucks
*Paper + Czech EXE Race cars and train. Also check the New Models and Models sections for news and new models + German   F1 and other race cars
Racing Paper Models -     Bulletin board about race cars
Ray's Sportrod Designs -      
Ricky Rudd Foldable Nascar +     Go to Downloads
Ryuvine's Garage +     Go to Garage.htm
Stevenson Projects +     Build Great Uncle George's WrapOn Racer
Subaru Technica International + Japanese   Go to Interactive (above WRC FAN CLUB), go to WRC2001 and click the link on the left for a Subaru Impreza WRC
*The paper models of Yasu.Tanaka +     F1 race cars
Tank Craft + Japanese ZIP/PDO Go to Paper.html for cars, go to Paper2.html for tanks
TiPi Art Design +   ZIP Racecars mostly driven by Dutch racers
Toyota Motor Sports + Japanese   Go to the first item in the Entertainment menu
Twin Bells - Japanese   Pictures of futuristic racecars
Michel Vaillant Fanpage + Italian   Go to Downloads for this model by Luigi Saso
YMjr Design + Czech   Go to download
Yunk + Japanese   Go to the Gallery
More race vehicles can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles:
More Vehicles: (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers