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More ships can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
*Alotvs +     Warships
Asuka Cruise + Japanese   Cruise ships
*Back Yard Yacht Builders +     Four sailing ships
Barquitos de Papel + Spanish   Simple ship -     Pictures of ships
Brainstorm Inn +     Submarine and engines by Richard Schulten
Canadian Navy +     Go to the Youth Section
Cardboard Canoe -     The build of a lifesize canoe
Chiba Port Office + Japanese   Go to Bay6.htm
Comunn Birlinn +     Mediaeval Galley
*Jeff Cwiok's -     Pictures of ships and planes
CyberAtelier + Korean(?) ZIP Go to OilPainting, Click the last picture (AutumDoll) for the passwords for some of the models (between U and V), Then go to PaperDock for the models
Diabolo Jollen Kreuzer + German   Go to download, bastelbogen
Dutch Submarines -     Pictures of models in all materials
Elfwood +     Vikingship
Emiliana +   ZIP Coastal freighter
Great Cardboard Boat Regatta -      
Haruki + Japanese   Go to Pepakurasinn.html (green button)
Heppoko Paper Model Studio +   ZIP Japanese WWII ships
IGS Hansa + German   Containers (downloadpage also in English)
Japan Coastguard + Japanese   Go to Paper.htm for coastguard ships
Kinki Regional Development Bureau + Japanese   Go to Tool, go to the link with PDF in it
Kon Tiki papermodel +      
Lelievlet + Dutch   Small ship
Lotniskowce + Polish   Go to Warsztat for airplanes for aircraft carriers
Maverick's paper boats +     Simple paper boats
Misawa Sightseeing Association + Japenese   Swanboat (scroll down)
MM's Civil War papermodels +   RAR  
*Modellismo Naval Uruguay + Spanish   Ships from Uruguay
Mopas + Japanese   Go to Download, go to Craft for some cruiseships
The Muscadet Adventure + French   Sailing ship
NE&SS Marine Systems +     (Slice) ships
Nippon Foundation Library + Japanese   Go to Contents/001 and 002 for a Pirateship and instructions
NYK Logistics + Japanese   Go to Kids for commercial ships
Official Titanic Webpage -     Pictures of the paper model
P@pership + German ZIP Pictures and a discussion board
Paperboat -     International design contest
Paper Dream Boats -     by Gus St. Anthony
Plan to establish battleship Japan with paper + Japanese   Abandoned but some nice pictures and sub-turret model
Pocket Cruiser +     Go to specifications
Police Net Chiba + Japanese   Patrolship
Port and Airport Department + Japanese   Go to Papercraft (down on the left) for 3 environmental ships
Rainbow Love + Japanese   Go to link with Papercraft in it for some ferries
*Rebuilding the Krakus +     The old Maly Modelarz model
Mr & Mrs Sato + Japanese   Go to Midasi.htm for pictures, go to Kit.htm for the models
*Senaun +     Pictures and a model of the SS Oriana
Setonaikai Kisen + Japanese LZH Go to Ginga (near bottom right), go to paper.htm
Ship Modellers Association -     Go to Show And Tell or Paper Models
Jared Shipman's Art Gallery -     Pictures of scratchbuild ships
De Stern + Dutch   Go to Bouwplaat, go to hier klikt
Tsuruga port + Japanese   Click the green button, go to Paper.htm for a Patrol ship
Venus Cruise + Japanese   Go to Download, go to Papercraft from some cruiseships
Wizzo Design +     black and white ships
*3600 Taschen Titanic -      
More ships can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
More spacecraft can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
2001 Mars Odyssey +     Go to Mars for Kids, go to Activities for the Odyssey, Pathfinder and Global Surveyor
AIM +     Go to Press Room, go to Graphics
Ace Paper Model +     scale 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
ALMA + Japanese   Telescopes
ALOS +     Go to Papercraft
Associazione Ravennate Astrofili Rheyta - Italian   Go to Cose di Carta for links to models
ATV Paper Model +     Automated Transfer Vehicle 1/100
AXM Paper Space Scale Models +     Space Shuttles 1/144
Baseband Technologies +     GPS Satellite
BepiColombo mission + Japanese   Go to Images and Movies for a MMO spacecraft
Bilsat +     Go to Gallery, go to Downloads
Cassini Scale Model +   ZIP Go to For Kids for models in scale 1/37 or 1/40
Chandra X-ray Observatory +     Go to Educational Materials, go to Print Materials, go to Printable Activities for Hubble, Compton and Chandra
Classic Paper Space Models +   ZIP Russian and US spacecraft
Cnes + French   Satellites
Cnes-SMSC +     Go to Corot, go to Media Gallery, go to Mockup for the Corot
Cosmos 3M / 11K65M +     Cosmos 3M Launch vehicle
Cubesat +     Satelite
CUTE-I + Japanese   Go to the Gallery
Dawn +     Spacecraft
Deep Impact +     Go to the Discovery Zone
DTUsat +     Go to Documents & files
Dutch Space +     Go to Press & Public/Freebies & Downloads/Paper Model Kits for ConeXpress, DAWN and globes
ESA Science Models +     Gaia, Integral, Mars Express, Soho, Aeolus, ATV
ESA Science & Technology +     Go to Educational Support, go to Cut-out & build for satellites
ESA Ariane 5 +      
ESA Exomars +      
ESA Proba +      
ESA Research Science +     Go to Fundamental Physics Missions, go to LISA Pathfinder
ESA Venus Express +      
FUKUDA Planning + Japanese   Go to SAO, go to Papercraft
Galileo scale model +     Go to Archives, go to K-12
Gekkou Astronomical Observatory more here - Japanese   Pictures of various models
Genesis Mission +     Go to Mission, go to Spacecraft
GLAST +     Go to Educators, go to Classroom materials
GIFTS Program +      
Go to Mars together + Japanese   Marsbase
HESSI model on the RHESSI homepage +     Go to public outreach
Hoshinoko + Japanese   Telescope, sundial, globes
Hour 25 Homepage -     SF and Space links
Hubble Site +     Go to The Telescope, go to Hand Held Hubble
Hvezdárna + Czech   Go to i-RÁDIO/Hon na družici
IAT-Jaxa + Japanese   Easy spaceships, airplane, airship and a satellite
Interceptor Shield +   ZIP Go to downloads
*International Space Station also here +     Go to Topics
ISAS + Japanese   Earth, Venus, Mars, M-V and Muses C
Jaxaclub + Japanese   Go to Recommend (left menu), go to Enjoy (on the right), there are various models under 1)
Jaxa Selene + Japanese   Go to Document in the menu on the left
Jaxa Spacestation + Japanese   Go to Kids (left menu), go to Kousaku (twice), go to Dancing
Keppler Mission +     Satellite
*Laszlo Vadasz paperrockets +   ZIP Models and a large picture gallery
*Lower Hudson Valley Paper Model Giftshop +     Many Space and SF models
Lunar prospector +     from Space Craft International, 1/25
Mars Airplane +     Go to Platform
Mars Climate Orbiter +     scale 1/24
Mars Pathfinder +      
Another Mars Pathfinder also at:
Mars Pathfinder Education and Outreach
+     easy black and white models
Mars Polar lander (cruise stage) +     scale 1/24
Mars Polar lander (landed) +     scale 1/24
Martin's Space Models -     Scratch build space models
MEK - Czech   Go to Go to Zájmy, go to Papírové modely for pictures of Betexa models
Museum frontwindow display -     By John Leslie
NahuelSat +     Go to Who We Are, go to Community (use the site-map)
NAO J + Japanese   Go to Download (right menu) for some lunar globes
NASA +     Search for Build Your Own for links to NASA paper models on various NASA sites
NASA Connect +     X-33 is part of the X-plane generation lesson guide from 1999-2000 (in Episodes & Guides)
NASA JWST +     Go to For Public for the James Webb Space Telescope
NASA Messenger +     Go to Missions, go to MESSENGER, go to Multimedias and scroll down
NASA Quest +     International Space Station Crew Return Vehicle: X-38
NEAR spacecraft +     Simple model, nicely detailed
New Horizons +     Go to Education, go to Educators for Pluto model
New Horizons +     The space craft
*Niels Paper Models +     Rockets
Ninfinger productions -     Links
Paleoneon +     Go to Science Stuff for a balloon powered Mars Phoenix Lander
Orbital +     Go to Space Launch Systems, go to Pegasus
Pioneer 10 +      
Planet-B homepage +     Now called Nozomi
The Planetary Society +     Phobos
Precision Paper Space Models +     Through the Wayback Machine
Princeton Satellite Systems +     Go to Products, go to Small Agile Satellite
Project Apollo Archive +     Go to Memorabilia for a Lunar Module
RMRA +     Amsat Oscar 40 satellite
Rocketdyne Tech +     Go to Students and Teachers, go to Educational Resources for a Space Shuttle Glider
Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer +     Simple model
Shenzhou VI Mission +      
Shioya Astronomical Observatory + Japanese   Go to Papercraft for M-3&4 rockets
Solar System Exploration +     Go to Kids for a lot of satellites
Spacecraft Kits +     Cosmos 1 1/76
Spacecraft Replicas +     Mercury capsule scale 1/4
Space Day +     Go to Teachers, go to Space Day Products
Space flight paper modelling +     Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian Space in Card Models
Stardust +     scale 1/26
Stereo Satellite +      
Stuttgarter Kleinsatelliten +     Go to Flying Laptop, select Paper Model in the roll down menu on the right
Sun Earth Days +     Go to Free Stuff for a SOHO Satellite
Surfduke's Moonport project +     Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations
Swift Publication and Public Outreach +     Go to Educators, go to Classroom Materials for the Swift satellite
SwRI Depasrtment of Space Studies +     Go to Other Downloadable Documents for the New Horizons spacecraft
Terra Paper Model +     Go to Publications
TIMED +     Go to Education
UB Terriers Satellite +      
TRACE +     Trace satellite
TU Delft-Deos +     Go to Space Systems Engineering, go to Facilities/Space Engineering Study Collection/Paper Models
U-Don's Factory + Japanese   Long March rocket and Lunar Module
Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide -     Many links to (flying) rockets
The Universe according to Jarmo -     Space model links
USGS Astrogeology +     Go to Gallery/Posters and don't miss the Map & Globes Gallery on that page
*Volkssterrenwacht Philippus Lansbergen + Dutch   Go to Ruimtevaart, go to Modellen
X-20 Dyna-Soar -     1/48 scale Card and Scratchbuilt by David Hanners
Yohkoh Model +     Build from scratch, choose your own scale
More spacecraft can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships:
SF & Games Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers