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More airplanes can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
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Aeromodelling in Mumbai +     Fokker E-III by Shashank H. Mardikar
Airbus +     Go to My Airbus/Goodies for A380 & A350
Airhagegi - Japanese   Pictures
*Airigami +     Airliners
Airship Model - German   Airships & Balloons
Airship -     Site about airshipmodels in many materials
Air Cadets Canada +     Go to Regional sites, choose Prairie, go to Air Cadets for a glider
Air rescue team Fukushima + Japanese   Go to Paper Claft for a helicopter
Air Squadron + Japanese   Helicopters
Marian Aldenhövel + German   Follow the links under Kartonmodellbau for some gliders
Aquamles22f-1, Aquamles22f-2, Aquamles22f-3, Aquamles22f-4 +   PNG Basic Hindenburg in four parts
Aviões de Papel +     Brazilian airplanes
Avia B 534 + Czech   Go to 6
Battlefront +   ZIP Go to Hobby/Modelling for a link to a DFS 230 Glider
Bob Bendorf's Paper Models +     Pictures and models
Ben's Studio @ Google Groups +     Paper model message board
Bring it on! +     Go to Cool Stuff for Hercules C-130
Build your own airplane + Dutch   Business card
The Butterflies of WW1 -     Pictures of prototypes
Salvador Ortega Cabrera + Spanish   I-16, ME 109
Cerveza Craft + Japanese   Race planes, links to the models are at the bottom of the page
Chiran 1945 + Japanese   Click the banner above the menu
Ralph Currell +   ZIP Rockets and airships.
Doug's Models +     Pictures of airplanes and a T25
Doxaerie -     Pictures of wood and card models
Firestar +     Ultralight
First Pepacra + Japanese LZH Go to page002.html for a deformed F15
Fly'n Things +     Models by the late Phil Koopman Sr. on the site of his son Phil Koopman Jr.
Fokker F-28 Friendship Martinair -     Pictures of the building of this Leon Schuijt/Jan Berfelo model
Força Aérea Brasilieira +   ZIP Brazilian Airforce models
Free Paper Planes +     From Enchanted Forest
Fuerza Aérea Colombiana + Spanish   Go to Capitán Paz, go to Aviones de colección
Fun Paper Airplanes +     15 of the best paper airplane designs
Bill Geoghegan's Cardmodels+ -     Intensive reviews
Hideo Ohtuki (Playtown Toys) + Japanese   Go to pekura.htm for helicopters
Hikari Fire Department + Japanese   Go to Data, go to BK117C for a helicopter
Hiroshi's + Japanese   Airplanes and a train
Holcomb's Aerodrome +     Go to Other Features for a Curtiss JN-4
Holiday Paper Craft + Japanese   German WWII planes
Hover the Helicopter + Japanese LZH Go to pc.html for BK 117 helicopters
*Information on winsite +   ZIP Minimodel paper Zero by Phil Koopman Sr.
I-tec +     PA-14
Jal Paper Craft + Japanese   Boeing 747-400
JTA + Japanese   Boeing 737 and Dash 8
Landrum & Brown +     Airbus A380, Boeing 737 and 747 and pictures of other airplanes
Large Scale Planes -     Planes in all materials including some paper
Luftverkehr Friesland-Harle + German ZIP Go to LFH interaktiv, go to Broschüre for a BN für Jederman
Makett Hungary + Hungarian   There are also pictures of other models
Matt77 +   ZIP Curtiss SB2C
Meine Hobbys - German   Pictures of 1/72 airplanes
Memaerobilia -     Go to Aviation Art, go to Art of Charles Hubbell
Mike's Animation +     Go to Other Stuff for a Sopwith Camel
Milinsky + French   AN-2
Militaire Luchtvaart Museum + Dutch   Go to Kids Only, go to Kids Only/Leuk om zelf te doen/Bouw je eigen vliegtuig and Vliegtuigjes vouwen
Ministry of Defense + Japanese   Go to Kids Site, go to Equipment for a F-15
Model Plane HQ -     Links to model plane sites
Modele Kartonowe + Polish   Old airplanes
Mothership Fujifum + Japanese   Lots of pictures, go to Komadori-sub15 for a Horten and FA200 (pass next to URL)
Musashino Paper Plane Club + Japanese   Go to Download
My Web Page - Japanese   Pictures of a F2
New Mexico Wing +     Airplanes and rockets
The Nippon Foundation Library + Japanese   Kawanishi Emily
Paper airplane museum Hawaii -      
Papercraft sight + Japanese ZIP/PDO Go to PC3 for distorted airplanes, or PCA for robots
PaperJerry -     Airplanes and a Shuttle
Papermodelist + Russian   Go to Open, go to Modeli
Paper Model Planes from Perú -     Models in many materials
Paper models  Bulgaria + Bulgarian ZIP Download takes you the models, but look at the other pages too
Paragon Cardmodels +     Has some unusual airplanes
Il Piemontese e gli Aerei di Carta + Italian   Go to Gi aerei di Carta
Propellorblatt + German   Go to download, go to Papiermodelle
Bertram Radelow +     Go to Anderes, go to Flugzeugmodelle
Scott Projects +     Avro CF100
Sequioa Aircraft Company +     Falco
David Sigenza's scale models +     Pictures and models
Siro's - Japanese   Pictures of models
SOFIA paper model +     Go to Multimedia, go to Fun Stuff for an airplane and a mobile.
Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX +     Spitfire
Tehniška zalozba Slovenije + Slovenian   Cessna 172
*Tomtom's aviation and scale model resources +     Go to 1/144 Aircraft Hanger for a free model, go to Card Models: X-31 for pictures
*Trotsky Studio + Japanese   Many WWII planes
More airplanes can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Flying Airplanes
More airplanes can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
Alex's Free Paper Airplanes
Also here
+     Good diagrams
Alcyone2137 + Japanese   Go to Paper.html for gliders
Alka Seltzer Rockets +      
*Amazing paper airplanes +     Good folding instructions
Art Applewhite Rockets +     Go to Free Stuff
AS paper aircraft lab +      
Aviodrome +     Go to Kids, go to Vliegtuigjes vouwen for flying planes and links
Avioncitos de Papel + Spanish   Go to modelos
Best paper airplane in the world +      
Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes + +     Go to Fun Stuff
Castle Paper & Press +     Go to Paper for balloons
Exotic paper aircraft +     Folding instructions
Fabulous Fulcrums +     Go to download for a MIG 29
Folding Paper Airplane +     Instructions to make a paper jet
Geobat +     Flying saucer
Glider HQ -     Many links, including paper airplanes
Greatest paper airplanes -     Review of a computerprogram to design your own flying airplanes
Hoopster +     Building instructions
How to make a paper airplane +     Folding instructions
Incredable Adventures +     By Akihiko Suzuki
Kobe Wings + Japanese   Go to Zumen.htm
Let's Fly Paper Plane +     By Ojimak
McShane's planes +     Instructions to build and fly paper airplanes
Micro Paper Plane + Japanese   Very small
Mk's homepage + Japanese   Go to Air2 for F14, F15, YF 23 and XB 70 +     Print and fold
N's Gallery + Japanese   In color and black and white
Narts +     Rocket
NM Wing CAP +     Go to Aerospace Ecucation, go to Models
Omniwing +     Instructions to fold this airplane
Joseph Palmer's Paper airplane +     Extensive building instructions
Paper Aeroplane World +    
Paper Aircraft Association -     Working for the advancement of paper aircraft technology
Paper Airplane Garage +   Flash Customized airplanes
Paper Airplanes +     Folding instructions
Paper airplanes web resources for students  -     Many links
Paper Airplanes +      
Paper Angels + Japanese   The Fukuoka Paper-Glider Pilot Club
Paper Craft +     You need disposable paper chopsticks for this
Paper Mario +     Go to Keelhaul Key and search for the model from there
Paper Plane Simulator -     Learn how to fly
Paperang +     Shareware flying plane model
Papierflieger - German   Instructions and links
Papierflieger + German CDR/BMP Some goodlooking models
Papierflieger + German   Folding instructions +     If link is broken, search for "Paper airplane"
Rotor Motor +      
Sabertooth +     Go to Fun
Science Explorer +     Rotocopter
U-Control 2000 +     Motorized paper airplanes
Vector & PDF works + Japanese   Go to Free Download for a Yak 38
*Vionapel + Spanish   Beautiful flying airplanes
Yuki's Flying Cardmodels +     Saab J35 Draken and Hawk T.1
More airplanes can be found on the SF & Games, Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes:
Flying Airplanes
SF & Games Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers