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Science Fiction
More science fiction can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks
@PaperCraft + Japanese ZIP/PDO  
Albion Rising +   ZIP Stories and models by Michael T. Haggard
*Aliens Paper Craft +   RAR From the movies Aliens and Planet of the Apes by Jan Rukr
Alphaville Spacetoys +     Old Spacestation
Amara's Cantina +     Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia dolls, go to House of Skywalker
Randy Asplund -     Ultra miniature models
CAW's workshop + Japanese   Go to the Workshop for robots and spaceships
Cockelberry + Italian   Pictures of spacecraft
Cut & Paste SciFi +     Erwin de Jong's page
Dark Star model +     From the movie
Dark Star the movie +     Same model from the movie
Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite +     Go to Crazed Constructions for X-wing and TIE Fighter
DPileggi's Picks +   ZIP/RAR Various models by various modellers
EGG-Plants + Japanese   Go to the Paper Craft link
Erick's Models +     Sci-Fi and pictures of rockets
Erikstormtroopers Imperial Gallery +     Go to Cards, Stickers & Backgrounds for a Vintage Palitoy Death Star playset
Evil Pinguin +      
Filmové Modely + Czech   Pictures and links
Galaxy Quest -     Go to Databank for pictures of a Shuttle
Gearz +   ZIP/PDO  
Ghost Makers - Japanese   Go to 3DCG Gallery, go to CgHowl for pictures of Howl's Moving Castle
Hop's Gallery +   Paper Blackhole Models and Quadpods
Hunter's Planet of the Apes archive +     Go Fan Creations/Various Fan Creations
Hour 25 Homepage -     SF and Space links
Independence War +   ZIP From the PC game
Iron Cow +     Go to Features, go to Free Downloads for Batman, Dr. Who and X-men models
Jay's Box of Sci-Fi CardToys +   ZIP Many Sci-fi subjects
Jojo a Gogogo!! + Japanese   Go to 555.html, go to 6howto/555.html, go to No.2, go to Ishikamen for a mask
Kami Kou Sen + Japanese   Go to Product 6 and Afserve
Lowkaku + Japanese PNG Robots, Zardoz mask and Monolith from 2001
More science fiction can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link Language Filetype Remarks
Macross World -     Go to books, go to series, go to papercraft
Maple - Japanese   Zac and Howlcastle
Mark Markowski's Anime Page +     Go to Speedracer, go to Speedtrinkets
Megaranger + Japanese   From the Japanese tv series
Modeler's Resource -     All kind of articles, some about papermodels
Modular Space Toys newer site here +     Modular system for a set of space related models
Moekami + Japanese ZIP/PDO Go to Item.html
Moonliner +     From Disneyland, very low-res
Moon Shadow + Japanese   Go to Huroku
*Ninjatoes' papercraft +   ZIP Spaceships, tanks, Princess Zelda, the Ninja Cats Pizza Parlour and more
Ohkubo Sagittarius page + Japanese   Goto Pepo_008, go to Paper1.html for the pictures and Paper2.html for the model
Orapepakura + Japanese PDO Go to page17
Orekue's House + Japanese PNG Models everywhere, just keep clicking
PaperAviation + German   Star Trek, Star Wars and Buck Rogers
Paper Craft for Nasnys + Japanese   Full Plate Doll, a gun and more
Paper Hollywood -     Links to (mostly) SF movie models
Paper Toybox + Japanese    
Phoxim + German ZIP In the Science Fiction Modellbau section are some models and many pictures
Piromodel + Japanese PDO Star Wars
Planet StarFreak + German ZIP  
Ulrich Prahn's models +   ZIP/PS Star Trek Models
Project Vader +     Go to Fun & Games for Star Wars Hako's
Random House +     Zam's Speeder
Matthew Reilly +     Go to Exclusives for a foldable Argonaut
Ryougen + Japanese   Go to Yuugi for a Wonderman Mask
Sane Person's papercraft +   RAR Various (game) models
Science Fiction Forum Bastelecke + German ZIP Computer console
SD Sascha +   RAR  
Sega papercraft + Japanese SWF Three models
Sega Sonic Riders + Japanese ZIP Click the second button from the right and than the second from the left beneath it
SF Paper Craft Gallery + Japanese    
SF Models - French   Several SF models
Skip's Paper Sci-fi +      
Smidsy +     from Robot Wars
Space 1999 Eagle +     From the TV-series
Spacebattleship Yamato + Japanese LZH/SIT Two aircraft from this battleship
Bill Spencer +     Daleks
Starlight Casino + German ZIP Go to RS Terra, go to Bastelbogen
Starship Modeller +     Go to Tech Library, go to Downloads
StarWars +     Go to Kids/Activities, go to Crafts, go to Archives for a R2D2 mailbox , a Droidel and masks
Star Wars Paper Models +   RAR/PDO  
StarWars: Imperial City Online + Polish ZIP/PDO  
Stealth + Japanese   Go to Download
Jason Sutton's Paper Models +   ZIP/RAR Wallace and Gromit's Moonrocket
SWMiniatures +   ZIP Star Wars models (registration required)
Terracotta +     Flapter from Castle in the Sky, Tiger Mos and Finger puppets
Tikitiki_M -     Pictures of mostly SF models
TrekUnited -     Links to Star Trek Models
*USS Magellan -     Links to Star Trek models, blog is here
Jules Verne + Czech   Bust
Webshots Home & Garden +     Klingon D7
Dr. Who, the key to time +     a game
Dr. Who Tardis +     The Doctor's 'telephonebooth'. Go to The Tardis
WIN100 + Japanese   100 windows house from Ultra7
The Work Werks +   ZIP/RAR  
Wulph's Monster -     Pictures of the MacII Destroid
Yamato - Japanese   Pictures of this 6 meter long model
Zoot! Advertising Design +     Click on the little rocket
Zousho's homepage +     Star Trek models
More science fiction can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
More Robots/Mechs can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link Language filetype remarks
AIST + Japanese   One of the links with scissors and rulers gives a HRP-2 robot
Anime Mania + Italian   Anime robots and more
Bad Robots Factory + Japanese   Go to Paper Robot
Caveman robot +   SIT By Britton Walters
Crazy Craft - Japanese    
Chromehounds + Japanese   Go to the Japanese site, go to Additional Items
Emil's Blog 1
Emil's Blog 2
+ Japanese   2 Robots + Japanese LZH Go to Setagaya, go to Junk, go to Asimo
Fox Japan + Japanese ZIP Go to Craft for robots from the movie Robots
Gaohengar + Japanese ZIP Go to Gya.html for illustrations and one transformer model
Giant Robo + Japanese   Go to Downloads
Ikuze - Japanese   Pictures of model of Zaku
Kami-Robo - Japanese   Paper robot fighters
King Furoku + Japanese   Transformers
Lipton Town + Japanese   RTD Robot
Loulou Illustrations +     Go to the Shop for Robots and a surfer
Make Your Own Transformers +     Transformers
Man-Man Papermodels - Japanese   Mechs under construction
Masamune's Dimensional Paper Model Locus +     Home of the Hako and also Gundam
Mechanim8or +   ZIP Wildgoat, Gundam mk.5
MechLab + Japanese   BattleTech. Go to Mech
MegWarrior3 Community Project Forums -     Mechs
Mokumoku + Japanese   Go to Papercraft/Free Craft
Murata Boy + Japanese   Robot on a bycicle
Namako Team Archives +   ZIP Metal Gear Solid 3
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation + Japanese   Robot55
Nike Vertigo +     Go to illvil, go to Handicraft Central for foldable mutants
Papapa Craft + Japanese   Astroboy
Paper and glue +     Mechs and Hakos
Paper Invaders + Italian   Transformers
Paper Pioneer + Japanese   XM-41
Paper Robots 1999 +     Robots
Playtown Dice + Japanese   Go to Sub2.htm for Robots and Anime figures
PSO + Japanese LZH Go to the second link
Reinana + Japanese   Go to News, go to Download for a Reinana suit
Robosquare + Japanese   PINO, Ifbot and Aibo
Robot Tairiku +     Robots
Sheet Metal Worker - Japanese   Mechs
shirokumatawa + Japanese   Gundam
Square Enix + Japanese LZH Go to Title, go to Fm, go to Fm5, go to download for Numsekar
Tameemon + Japanese   Gundam
TransformerFans +     Go to Misc, look in February 2007
Turbolabo + Japanese   SD Strike Freedom Gundam
The ultimate Dalek factory +     From Dr. Who
Valkyrie - Japanese   Robot costumes
Zeus 2 + Japanese   Robot, picture is here
More Robots/Mechs can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
More games can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
Link language filetype remarks +     Sonic, Knuckles, Ninja Turtles
Artidomal +     Warhammer buildings
Bile's Paper Vehicles +      
Billy's Shed +     Warhammer scenery
Boing Boing Gadgets +     From the game Portal
Brian's Homepage +     Go to Scenery, go to HardSF Scenery
Captin Nod's Paper Models +     Quake & Half-life models, see a documentary here + German   Go to Basteln, go to 3D-karten for some buildings from the Settlers of Catan
Chamoo 232's papercraft archives +   RAR Characters and items from many games
Chaos Field Expanded + Japanese LZH Click the Download links
Chokipeta + Japanese   Front Mission and other robots
Lou Coatney: Home Page +     ships for naval wargames
Command & Conquer Papercraft +   PDO Unofficial
Cutout models for tabletop gaming +     Props for Tabletop gaming + German   40K models
DeviantART +     Modular Pipe components
Dragon's Lair + Japanese   Go to PF and PC
Dreampod 9 +     Go to Goodies/Gaming Aids/Heavy Gear and Gear Krieg
*Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail +   ZIP Buildings
Ebob Miniatures +     The Great Escape
Export to World +     Objects from Second Life
Express Coach +     Ironclaw
Forgeworld Cerrus +     Terrain, Infantry, Armored Vehicles, Titans, Spacecraft, & Aircraft in 1:300 scale
Games Workshop Online +     Go to Warhammer, go to Terrain, look for Cardstock
Germ's Floor Plans +     Buildings and vehicles
Jordan Greywolf's Homepages +   ZIP Go to Games, go to Ironclaw
Hero Quest +   ZIP Cave Tiles, Mine Tiles and Mine Cart
IanH's wargames pages +     Go to 6mm models for some buildings
Into the Shadows +     Dr. Who, Scooby Doo and other models
Ironclaw +     Official Ironclaw site
Junior General +     Lots of soldiers, accessories, buildings, planes, tanks, ships
Konami Slai + Japanese   Scoot Vehicles
Marc's Paper Model page +     Fortress building, and hints on searching for Japanese modelsites
MileStone Radirgy + Japanese ZIP Go to Dc, Gc and PS2
Models and Miniatures in Paper +     Paper model message board for wargamers
*Momir's Homepage +     StarWars and SF roleplaying game models
Odissey +     Buildings and furniture
Paper Commander +   ZIP Wing Commander +     Figures and models
Papermodels for Middle-Earth +     Buildings from Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Federation +     Starships
Planet Warhammer + German ZIP Go to Warhammer, go to Workshops, go to Kanonen
StarCraft II + Czech   Cannon by Jan Rukr
Stargate 1991 +   ZIP/EXE/JPG Warhammer 40K, go to Download
Storm teh Castle +     Medieval things
Sum1els +     Stargate SG-1
Sysabend +     Cardboard Heroes
Tubbypaws +     From the game Portal
Warhammer Buildings +      
Warhammer Corsairs +   ZIP Download the rules for a ship model
Warhawk +     From the Playstation game
Warmaster paperware +     Warmaster buildings
We need more lemon Pledge +     Go to the Papercraft Corner for a Doom Marine Helmet
Witch Space +     Elite Ship Nets
Wiz Kids - Mage Knight +     Go to game resources, go to terrain and base templates
World of Warcraft +     Go to Community/Comics/August 2006 for a mailbox
World of Warcraft Papercraft +   RAR Unofficial
More games can be found on the Combinations and Publishers pages
General Buildings Vehicles More Vehicles (Space)ships Airplanes
SF & Games:
Science Fiction
Educational Fun Combinations Other Publishers